Shipping Restrictions

VN Products Cannot Be Shipped To The Following Countries:

Czech Republic
Saudi Arabia
South Africa


Our preferred shipping method is USPS (United States Postal Service).

Tracking Note: We have had a number of minor issues (and complaints) dealing with the USPS tracking system. All our packages are tracked, and are assigned a unique USPS tracking ID number when your order is packaged. This tracking number is issues by USPS when shipping labels are printed. Although USPS has generated this tracking number at the exact time that we print our shipping labels, this number does not become available for our customers until 1, 2, and in extreme cases, 3 days after this date! We are working with USPS (for years now) to determine WHY this is the case. USPS does not offer any where near the detailed tracking status that other (more expensive) shippers offer (unfortunately). We recognize that tracking of a package is important to determine the exact date you will receive your package however, First Class usually takes 3-10 days for delivery.

USPS Priority Mail 1-4 day
RECOMMENDED when you must have your package as soon as possible. USPS however, does not offer a “guarantee” of 2 day delivery for packages picked up at business (such as ours). Allow a further EXTRA day for customers not serviced or near a major metropolitan area. USPS contracts directly with FEDEX for the air handling of their packages. Most packages are, however, delivered in 1 or 2 days.

We will NOT accept ANY responsibility, nor offer refunds for packages delivered “late” or “lost” by the USPS. If you absolutely need guaranteed delivery service, please contact UPS instead and make arrangements.

Our default method of delivery is First-Class.

Many of our customers choose this because of it’s reasonable cost. If YOU chose this method of shipping and are having problems getting your delivery, we offer the following suggestions:

Wait at least 14 days before beginning your investigation. For whatever reason, it can take up to two full weeks for the United States Postal Service to deliver mail from one address to another. After the two-week time period, if the package still hasn’t been delivered, it’s safe to assume it is lost. All stamped mail is sent first-class. Unfortunately, USPS does not track first-class mail, but it does track first class packages and thick envelopes and you received a TRACKING NUMBER when your package was sent from us. The Post Office also tracks registered and express mail.

Mail that is un-deliverable usually ends up in either St. Paul, Minnesota or Atlanta, Georgia. These mail recovery centers hold undeliverable mail for 90 days before destroying the contents.

YOU Need to Begin an Investigation.

An investigation to find your lost letter can’t begin until you file a formal complaint. The proper procedure to follow is by filling out a PS Form 1510. This is a Mail Loss/Rifling report. You can file this report in person at your local post office. You can also file a complaint online at Click on the “Customer Service” link at the bottom of the homepage then select “Email Us.” If you don’t feel comfortable doing either of those things, you can always call USPS directly at (800) 275-8777 and speak with a customer service representative.

Again, we will NOT accept ANY responsibility, nor offer refunds for packages delivered “late” or “lost” by the USPS.