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Kanger CE4 Clearomizer


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The Kanger CE4 Clearomizers have arrived!

These are simply the BEST CE4 Clearomizers on the market! They are designed to work with any EGO type connection. Completely sealed at the mouthpiece and at the bottom.

Kanger’s updated CE4 version uses a new plastic to help against issues with acidic juices.

Now with 1.8ohm coils and dual long wicks.

* Easy fill system – can be filled directly from your juice bottle, just tilt and fill up to 1.6ml.
* Mouthpiece inserts and then screws down for a complete seal with an additional o-ring on mouthpiece.
* Completely sealed at base.
* Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic.
* Thick top coil with TWO (2) Fat Wicks! Because of the wide inner tube design the wicks stay wet from natural Vaping motions between outer plastic wall and the inner tube.
* Coil is a thicker design so you need to ‘break them in’ for the first few minutes when vaping; durable, provides longer lasting performance.
* These work with other PVs besides an EGO by using an adapter to lift the threads up and away.
* 1.8 ohm fixed
* 1.6ml capacity
* Clear tanks

NOTE: Drip tip color is black.

VapeNaked Favorite! Easy to fill! Simply unscrew the top tip and fill your e-liquid down the sides (avoiding the middle) and then screw the tip back on! It’s really that easy! The graduated numbers on the side to let you know how much e-liquid you have remaining. Great value.

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