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Switch ( RY3-4 )  is Our Own Special VN Version of This Nostalgic Complex Tobacco Flavor, Originally From Dekang. This is Very Much Like Triple  7, Only With A Caramel and Vanilla Undertone, Which Was The Later Version, Hence the 3-4 Designation.

After 6 months in the making, this is OUR ULTIMATE version of the infamous RY4 (3-4), an early style of tobacco flavor with a rich history.

The original RY flavor became an instant hit when released, with every other manufacturer and DIY hobbyist setting out to re-create this complex flavor.

There have been many close versions over the past few years, along with numerous crap-tasting failures while trying to replicate this sentimental flavor.

We did an extensive investigation into the history of this elusive flavor and here is what we found:

It has been reported that RY4 flavor was originally made by Chang Ning Dekang Biological Technology Company for Ruyan Group Limited. We have compiled the following definitions for the RY series based on input from early consumers and the Dekang Company during their journey with this flavor;

RY1 was a short lived  subtle mixture of tobacco aroma with not much flavor. Had more smell than taste, and taste resembled wax. (wax comment by early users, NOT Dekang).
RY2 is THE ONE sought after by ALL who worship this flavor. It tasted just like dry tobacco; raw with no sweet aftertaste or candy flavor effect.
Ry3 was an exceptional, subtle blend of tobaccos, slightly sweet taste and quite indescribably delicious.
Ry4 is closest to the current versions available today. It is best defined as a tobacco blend with the prominent aftertaste of either caramel and/or vanilla.

A definite must try for any tobacco enthusiasts and RY4 lovers.

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