White Label Flavor Descriptions

All Of These Pre-Mixed Flavors Are Organized By Familiar Names, And Are Available In 60ml Quantities.

Angel Brew – Smooth Buttered Rum

Angel Dust – Chocolate Mint Breeze

Busty Grape – Smooth Grape Candy

Dewd – Mountain Dew

Eye CandySmooth Cotton Candy

Flan – Caramel Custard

Frankenstein – Monster

Goblin Breath – Rasberry, Lemonade and Menthol (strong menthol)

Green Valley Breeze Peach, Cantaloupe and Breeze (light menthol)

Horchittle – Chunky Peanut Brittle

MamelonSmooth Watermelon

Maximus – Complex Dessert Platter

Meloncollie – Crunch, Loops and Krispies

MinervaSmooth Banana and Vanilla

Minotaur Red Bull

Morpheus Domesticated Tropical Fruitl

Paradise peach Peach, Mango and Pineapple

Peach Rings Gummy Peach Rings

Scarface – Banana, Mango, Lime and Breeze (light menthol)

Strawberry Nimbus – Succulent Fresh Strawberry

SwitchComplex Asian Tobacco RY4 – (vanilla and caramel)

SynaBomb – Buttered Cinnamon Danish

Triple 7 Complex Asian Tobacco RY2-3

Triple NickelComplex Nutty Tobacco 555

Vanilla Queen Vanilla Custard

Venus Cinnamon, Vanilla Tobacco

WaterlopeWatermelon and Cantaloupe