White Label Flavors

White Label Flavor takes pride in the flavors they offer, from Triple Nickel to their incredibly popular Maximus.

These delicious flavors are some of the best pre-mixed flavors (non-nicotine) on the market. But with the increasing amount of poor quality e-juice flooding the market, White Label Flavor is a breath of fresh air allowing you to be in control of your final product.

All White Label Flavors are nicotine free and are folded on a 70/30 (VG/PG) base.

White Label was created to create a clear separation between nicotine infused liquids and just flavor products.

All of these pre-mixed flavors are organized by familiar names, and are available in 60ml quantities.

Should you decide to add nicotine to your White Label Flavor, you can purchase Nicotine from Sapphyre Nic and use their handy calculator to determine what you need for your desired nicotine level.
Here is the link to their site: http://sapphyrenic.com/

By the way, you DO NOT need to have/use a shaker like the one pictured in their video. You simply shake your bottle after mixing for roughly 30 seconds, then let sit for about one minute and you are ready!